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Video Client Magnet

How To Build A Six-Figure Video Business That Magically Attracts New Clients On Autopilot

In just ONE DAY you’ll discover how to build A Six-Figure video business that magically attracts new clients on autopilot.

In this course, you’ll find seven modules including:

  1. Module 1: Video Magnet Mindset
    How to master the expert factor. In this training I’ll show you how to unlock the power of becoming an expert in your client’s eyes attracting them magnetically through personalized video solutions.
  2. Module 2: Common Core Offers
    Lucrative video services that anyone can pitch. If you’ve ever been stuck trying to figure out what to pitch to a client, I’ll teach you simple yet highly effective core offerings to pitch, empowering you to grow your videography business and boost your income.
  3. Module 3 - Six Figure Ladder Blueprint
    How to scale your business month by month. I’ll reveal the secret ladder method to reach six figure success by setting daily goals that lead to extraordinary growth for your videography business.
  4. Module 4 - Network Nuking
    How to find clients and network the easy way. In this module you’ll discover easy and efficient ways to build your client list and network leaving traditional methods in the dust.
  5. Module 5 - The Perfect Prospect Process
    Cold outreach tactics that aren’t spammy. Once you find the people you want to network with, it always seems like a hassle to figure out how to cold email or cold call them without the virtual door getting slammed in your face. In this module you can master the art of personalized outreach making cold outreach warm and effective in winning over perfect prospects… you know, those ones that are willing to pay you what you’re worth.
  6. Module 6 - Streamlining Sales 
    From quotes to completion, this is where we’ll dive into how to optimize your videography workflow from prospect engagement to prospect completion.
  7. Module 7 - Loyal Lasting Clients
    Building brand loyalty one surprise at a time. It’s in this module that you’ll cultivate long lasting client relationships with thoughtful gestures and ensuring brand loyalty.

Seven simple training modules that any busy videographer can watch, learn and implement in just a day and it’s yours to access and start watching right now!

Money Back Guarantee: If you watch through all of the trainings, if you implement everything that I teach step by step and you still feel that it won’t help you in your videography business, just let me know within 30 days of purchase.

I offer a full money back guarantee because I would rather you be all-in on growing your video business than buying something that doesn’t work for you.