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"This is the most comprehensive resource available for actually selling live streaming on the planet."


"Six Figure Streamer provides you all the information, tools and contracts you need to make a living offering live streaming"


"This course gave me the confidence and skills to run a $50,000 live stream for a client"

It’s not enough to be good with a camera these days…You and I both know as markets shift it requires adaptability to the times. A couple years ago when “you know what” happened…I thought my videography days were over. Because practically overnight I lost $40,000 in contracts from conferences that were cancelled in a snap.

You read that right… $40,000… GONE.

That would’ve been enough to break any videographer. But because I had this ONE groundbreaking skill in my back pocket, Instead of crumbling to a fetal position at my spouse's feet on the kitchen floor...And going back to my miserable days of making a measly $38,000 a year as an Apple Store Genius…I was able to TRIPLE my income (and eventually 8X it too)…

All while doing the thing I love the most! (Even though the world was going completely insane.) With this ONE skill… my life changed forever.

All of a sudden I was landing $10,000, $20,000, $30,000… even $50,000 Clients!


And crazily enough, these clients were far more ENJOYABLE and CHILL to work with...

And the actual projects I was working on were also EASIER to pull off.

So instead of the “run and gun style” of video shooting that so many are used to…

Where you might be showing up to an event and you just have to GO, GO, GO...Where it’s a super stressful situation, figuring it all out in the moment….

Where you have no idea what you’re walking into…

Let alone when you might be able to take a measly 2 minutes for yourself to sprint to the bathroom…

This type of work was all pre-planned, organized, and super low pressure, where

I had all the control.

And instead of a one-week project turning into a 6-month-long project (where you don’t get paid until it’s FINALLY complete)…

With 18 rounds of revisions and a desktop full of crazy long file names that look like this: VideoName_Final_Final_Finalversion18…

That end up taking you 30 hours MORE than you billed the client for...This type of work gets you

PAID literally the day you are done streaming.

And the best part of all? I barely had to “sell” anyone into buying my services…Because these clients already KNEW they needed it. No question.

They already saw the value and would happily fork out $10,000–$50,000 per project to work with me.

And because most videographers were struggling and behind on all this stuff...

There was practically ZERO competition because they simply hadn’t figured this out yet. (And that’s STILL the case.)

So at a time when I thought my days of doing the thing I loved, that also provided an income for my family, were totally up…GAME OVER...

I now had a skill that would make me money no matter what!

(Even in a world where events aren’t happening.) And I now have a skill that affords me a life I could’ve never thought possible because of my new amazing income. What is this skill I speak of?


Delivering world-class live streaming services to fun-to-work-with clients who pay me large checks for what I’m worth.

And this discovery totally changed my life! I’ve been able to build a business that last year netted me $130,000 income. But this year, I’m surpassing a quarter million dollars… actually I’ve Already Passed $300,000!

And it’s just me. I am the only and sole employee of the company. (Meaning I get to keep all the money!) So months where maybe $7,500 to $10,000 were the norm before…

I’m now making between $30,000 and upward of $54,000 in one month.

And I’m achieving revenue months that are 3x to 5x higher than before. And now for the first time ever…Now that I know how doable this can be for any cameraman who’s committed…

Enroll Today!

I’ve crafted it down into one step-by step, paint-by-numbers method for anyone—including YOU—to do the same.

So now you can elevate your value as a videographer/filmmaker…. And finally start getting paid what you’re worth for doing work you love… (Even if there’s another shutdown!) Everything I’ve learned to achieve this is now available in one clear road map that today I’m offering to you.


So now with this ONE world-class skill… Delivering high-level live streaming services, as a videographer, filmmaker, or camera-savvy individual... It can finally become possible for you to start landing your high-paying dream clients… Faster and with far less work than before...

Even if you have no idea of all the “techy stuff” that goes into this…

Even if you have no idea what to charge... (or if charging higher prices scares the bejesus out of you)...

Even if you’re new to all of this and don’t consider yourself to be a legit pro yet…

AND, even if you’re a little confused and skeptical if all this is even possible or realistic for you right now.

That’s what my brand-new live streaming course “Six Figure Live Streamer” will absolutely help you with.

Join Now (Save $500)

And while this will be easier for you if you have SOME videography and live streaming skill and experience under your belt…

Even if you don’t, I will show you how to make this work with incredible results right out of the gate…

So you can land your very first client too. (And many, many more after that!) On that note, you may be wondering what results this has been bringing to OTHER people…

And it’s a great question...

The first student to come to mind is Ivan.

Ivan was able to seal the deal on a $50,000 live stream!

Now, he did book the live stream before he started Six Figure Live Streamer. But he actually bought our course before he conducted the stream, to support his technical knowledge and to support his troubleshooting. He wanted to make sure he could really deliver for that client. (Smart guy!)

Well, with what he learned with me as his guide in Six Figure Live Streamer, he absolutely smashed it… and now has

more repeat work and referrals from just that ONE gig.

And then there’s Carlos.

Up until starting Six Figure Live Streamer, Carlos’s largest project to date was only around $10,000. But now he has Six Figure Live Streamer. After having gone through the curriculum and utilizing our tools,

He just bid on a $230,000 4-month-long project!

And when you join me in “Six Figure Live Streamer” I am going to show you how to do all of this too…


YOU too can learn to deliver world-class live streaming services to fun-to-work-with clients who pay you large checks for what you’re worth and deserve.

So let’s keep going…You’ll find all of the details right here on this page… And once you sign up for the course and get started... I’ll look forward to meeting you inside of “Six Figure Live Streamer”

Owner, ZMBmedia, Creator of Six Figure Live Streamer

Before I Tell You All about This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk about Who This Is Really For…

  • You’re a videographer, filmmaker, or camera-savvy individual who’s ready to elevate your career so you start getting paid what you’re worth… (I’m talking $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or more per gig!) WITHOUT going through all the painful malarkey of trying to find GOOD clients.
  • Instead, you are ready to master a highly in-demand skill—delivering top-notch live streaming services—so that you can close contracts with more new clients faster, and with less work...
  • Even if you have no idea of all the“techy stuff” that goes into this… Even if you have no idea what to charge (or if charging higher prices scares the bejesus out of you)...
  • Even if you’re new to all of this and don’t consider yourself to be a legit pro yet…
  • AND, even if you’re a little confused and skeptical if this is even possible or realistic for you right now.

Now Let’s Talk About Who This Course Is NOT For...

  • If you are looking for a “get-rich-quick scheme” where you put in little to no work and make gobs and gobs of money indefinitely forever & ever... That is a fairy tale, my friend! And this course is NOT for you if that’s what you’re after.
  • Also, this course is NOT for you if you do not care about speed.
  • Six Figure Live Streamer is meant for people who want to develop this incredibly valuable skill set in the fastest time frame possible. There are better programs out there for those of you who have an infinite amount of time and no real need to move quickly.

Still reading? Good. Now that we’ve got that sorted...

I want you to feel confident knowing that whether you…

  • Are a total whiz at all the “techy stuff” but the whole client acquisition thing seems terrifying to you! And you have no idea how it could be possible for someone to hand over large amounts of money for your services.
  • OR… Already have a handful of live stream clients but know if you improved how you deliver your services you could greatly increase your income, because it would be crazy for these clients to not hire you again… as well as happily refer to you even MORE new clients.
  • OR… Are pretty new to all of this. Maybe have a few camera skills in the back pocket. And don’t feel like you’re exactly a pro just yet… But you know deep down inside of you that if someone were to show you the way that you could really do something big with your passion and change your life forever...

You’re in the right place!

I’m going to tell you exactly how Six Figure Live Streamer will give you competitive live streaming skills to land high-paying clients who are more than happy to pay whatever you feel your time is worth.

By the End of This Program, You Will Have…

- Experienced the pure THRILL of landing your first live streaming deal. (And I confidently know that once you see that this is genuinely possible because you ACTUALLY did it, the sky’s the limit.)

- Endless excitement about being well on your way to hitting your first ever $10,000 month (or MORE!), which will then roll into you achieving your first six-figure year.

- Confidently learned a new high-demand skill that is incredibly valuable in the marketplace… live streaming. (And if you have some experience with this already, I know that by the time you complete Six Figure Live Streamer, your skills will be even more developed.)

- Become one of the only people in your local market—or even the top person in your market—for live streaming services, when no one else is really even offering it. YOU will become the GO-TO! (You’ll soon realize that this is a HUGE opportunity and a “first to the market” kind of thing.)

- The knowledge to craft your unique selling proposition in the market—so your prospects know with certainty that you are the BEST choice every single time (even if you charge more than the other live stream girl or guy).

- Expertly mastered all the tools, skills, technology, and knowledge you need to execute every project you sign with sheer excellence. (So that you feel great about the work that you do, and your clients can’t help but rebook you again and again.)

- Have a plan on standby in case you get overbooked. So if you already have one gig booked and someone else wants to book a live stream for the same day, you’ll know how to hire a team to delegate the work off to (while you still get paid)!

What's The Word


Zephan Has Live Streamed For These Businesses:


And Has Live Streamed For These Celebrities

Ke$ha, Diplo, Kenneth Cole, Rebel Wilson, Kevin Love, Maurice Benard, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Governor Larry Hogan, Adam Kantor, Nancy Pelosi…

Enroll In Six Figure Live Streamer Today!

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Six Figure Live Streamer ISN’T Just about Learning What to Do…


You WILL Actually Begin to Get High-Paying Live Streaming Clients Under Contract—And Expertly Deliver Your New Live Streaming Services—As You Complete the Course.

Here’s What You Are about to Discover When You Enroll in Six Figure Live Streamer…

Module #1:
Mindset Of A Six Figure Live Streamer

In this module I will set you up to win with this program, so that you confidently know that you’re well on your way to becoming a six figure live streamer.

If you’re a beginner in the live streaming game, no sweat! I will lay the foundation for what’s ahead so that you feel confident that you will soon be signing your very first client.

If you’ve already been dabbling in live streaming for a bit—I will open up your mind to a whole new realm of possibilities. You will soon see just how much money you can really earn with live streaming (HINT: It’s wayyyyyyyy more than you think).

  • Understand the Creators Operating System that allows you to have absolute control over your income, impact, and piece of mind. (This turns you into a master of fate in your business and life.)
  • Discover how YOU too can go from signing your first client TO breaking your first 6-figure year.
  • Connect with the amazing support system that will keep you going throughout the entire process. When you fall down, they pick you up. When you win, they cheer you on. (As simple as we’ve made this process, building a business is no walk in the park. This crew will have your back during the high highs and the lows.)

Module #2:
Proven Live Streaming Offers And Niches

In this module you will discover all of the best live streaming niches that are available to you, and how to choose the best one for you.

During this module you choose the niche that enables you to achieve the income, impact, and fulfillment you desire.

Many live streamers get this wrong and end up taking low-paying, stressful, and unexciting jobs as the consequence. But not you! (Now that you know the niches with riches.)

  • How exactly can you make 6-figures as a live streamer? I’ll break this down so you know exactly how to achieve your new 6-figure income goal.
  • Discover the two main styles of live streaming events: Done-For-You in the studio and Done-For-You in the field. And learn exactly how each of them works, so you feel confident you can deliver both!
  • Everything you need to know about live stream consulting (AKA: Get paid for your wisdom… without having to do the actual work).
  • How to build a Done-For-You Studio Setup for your clients (and get paid for it!).
  • How to choose the right niche for your new live streaming business, so you can stand out among your local competitors and win your bids most of the time.
  • PLUS… Listen in as I interview an event manager who hires live streaming companies! This is your opportunity to get into the mind of your future clients and know exactly what gets them to say YES! to hiring you!

Module #3:
How To Find Clients And Get Sales Opportunities

In this module you will discover 5 undeniable and simple ways to land high-paying clients.

Take out all the guesswork of finding clients by knowing exactly how to attract prospects looking to pay top dollar for live streaming services AND how to turn conversations with these prospects into new client contracts.

(And yes you can do this, even if you don’t have a network right now… and even if “selling” makes you feel a little uncomfortable… all while avoiding all the low-ticket bottom-of-the-barrel jobs that criticize your worth.)

  • Method #1: How to Build a Network – Exactly where to look and what conversations to have to start building and growing a local network of endless clients.
  • Method #2: Inbound Content Creation – Creating relevant social media content that attracts your prospects is one of the easiest ways to pick up new projects. (And like all of my strategies, it’s basically FREE!)
  • Method #3: SEO Methods – How to show up on the front page of Google when someone searches for a local live streamer—almost every time.
  • Method #4: Outreach Secrets – How to contact potential clients and take them from “never heard of you before” TO “happily hiring you” to fulfill all their live streaming needs.
  • Method #5: Bull’s-eye Videos – How to create easy-to-make personalized videos that impress the heck out of prospects—and get them to say “YES!” to becoming a new client. (And I’ll show you how to use this same strategy to get previous clients to come back and hire you again!)

Module #4:
How to Sell Your Live Streaming Services

In this module I’ll walk you through the entire Six Figure Live Streamer client-getting sales process.

We’ll start with the first step… the prospect being kinda interested in your services. And end with the prospect becoming a client when they happily hire you at your high ticket. (Plus, everything in between.)

For many videographers and filmmakers, sales can seem kinda sleazy and uncomfortable. But in this module we will show you how to sell in a way that is human and that feels good.

Whether you have sales experience—or you have none at all—this module will turn you into an income-generating machine (and your clients will actually love you for it).

You’ll discover that sales is certainly not rocket science, and in fact it’s something you had inside of you all along.

Anyone can sell when they know the core principles that I’ll teach you in this module. And when you figure out how easy this is, it will be like second nature to you too.

  • My A–Z method to take a prospect from “interested” TO practically shoving a nice, big, fat check into your bank account.
  • The Six Figure Live Streamer Pricing Calculator that makes it easy to craft irresistible contracts that make your prospect say, “HECK YES” to hiring you.
  • What to say when on a sales call to close big client deals (without being “pushy” or “salesy”).
  • Set fair and low-stress expectations up front with my Done-For-You contract templates. (These alone are worth more than the investment in this course!)

Module #5:
Gear And Equipment Made Easy

Discover the Six Figure Live Streamer Gear List for delivering world-class results without breaking the bank on equipment.

Save money on the stuff you don’t need. Stick to the stuff that you do.

I’ve got you covered so you’ll have everything you need to start offering live streaming services right away.

  • The only live streaming gear you need to deliver world-class results (everything from entry level on a budget, to the best in the business). Oh, and it’s only 4 things! (Yep… you read that right. That’s not a typo!)
  • A full demonstration of an entry-level live streaming kit that’s under $1,000!
  • My current live streaming setup for delivering gigs that pay me up to $50k per project—and a real-time LIVE demonstration.
  • How to get pro quality from affordable gear. (I’ll be teaching you my Six Figure Live Streamer secrets.)

Module #6:
Planning And Running The Live Stream

In this module you will get the inside scoop on how to “run the show” on the day of a live stream.

You will see exactly how to schedule your day, including what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and everything in between.

Say goodbye to the days of panic, frustration, and hoping to God everything works out. Instead, show up calm, cool, collected, and feeling confident that your entire day will be an absolute breeze.

  • Never be in a situation where everything happens last minute and you have to figure out how to run the production on the spot. With these communication strategies, you’ll always feel prepared for the live stream well in advance.
  • How to connect with your clients so they feel confident in your ability to pull off an amazing production. (The result: They will simply let you do your own thing and have total control.)
  • How to create graphics that grab attention and make you seem like a total tech wizard pro.
  • How to gain major recognition for your talents and become the go-to live stream expert locally.
  • My secret strategy to boost viewership and bring in a raving audience for your client’s live streams. (Spoiler alert: Your clients will be thrilled with the results you bring them and never think twice about hiring you again.)

Module #7:
Troubleshooting The Stream

In this module you will learn how to approach any little hiccup that may come your way on the day of a live stream.

You’ll be prepared for anything that happens. You’ll be calm and collected.

And your clients will have full faith in your abilities to take care of the situation—no matter what.

  • A Full Live Streaming Troubleshooting Guide (if tech takes an unexpected turn, which they usually do, you’ll be 100% prepared).
  • Troubleshooting Internet Connection
  • Troubleshooting Cables & Connections
  • Troubleshooting Frame Rates & Resolution
  • Troubleshooting Audio
  • Troubleshooting LAG
  • What to Do If Your Feed Dies?
  • Basically anything that can go wrong, you will have confidently covered.

Module #8:
The Art And Science Of Engaging Live Streams

This is where the magic happens! In this module you will discover all of the MAGIC that goes into creating a visually engaging live stream.

You will learn tricks and techniques that will dazzle the audience, shock your clients, and make any other videographer look like a high schooler with an iPhone.

All of this stuff may seem like rocket science to the outside world, but with the training you will receive in this module, you’ll know how to execute world-class live streaming services like it’s a walk in the park.

  • The secret to getting paid the big bucks as a live streaming professional
  • 6 steps to engaging live streams that keep the audience hooked and engaged
  • Bored to death during the live stream? Here’s how to kick some excitement into the mix from behind the camera
  • Post-production recap and highlight videos, social video segments, pre-recorded live stream funnels, transcriptions… I’ll show you how to create all of this and MORE!

Module #9:
Post-Production And Marketing Strategies

In this module you will learn how to craft eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and curiosity-evoking highlight videos of your live streams.

Whether it’s a short 30-minute stream… or a long 8-hour show... highlights are critical for boosting engagement and consumption of your client’s content.

Highlight videos can make more money for your clients—even after their live stream is over. (Which they will love!) And you will use them to showcase your live streaming skills and WOW future clients into hiring you too.

  • How to edit highlight videos for social platforms that get a frenzy of likes, shares, and comments.
  • A low-pressure way to handle complicated live streaming events. (AKA How to pre-record parts OR all of the live stream—and then still stream the event to the attendees live). It’s a lot easier than you think, and I’m about to show you how!
  • How to transcribe live streams fast and accurately with minimal work, so you can provide even more value to your clients—giving you the opportunity to charge even more.

Module #10:
Deal Breakdowns

In this module you will learn the exact deal structures for some of the most common live streaming services you are going to offer as a six figure live streamer.

Everything from pricing your services to presenting the deal… I’ve been there, done that! And I’ve got you covered.

When you follow what I teach you in this module, your live streaming package will be clear to the client and accepted with almost no hesitation.

  • Real-Life Example: $25,000 Live Stream Deal Breakdown
  • Real-Life Example: University Deal Breakdown
  • Real-Life Example: Sporting Event Deal Breakdown
  • Real-Life Example: Churches and Religious Deal Breakdowns.

Module #11:
Template Website For Marketing Your Live Streaming Services

In this module I will show you how to create an attention-grabbing website that motivates companies looking for your services to connect and contact you.

Even if you’ve never made a website before, I will show you how easy this can be.

  • An exact website template walkthrough (that’s practically done for you).
  • What you need to have on your website—section by section.
  • How to create a website that makes you look like the total rock star live streamer that you are.
  • What you need to say on your website to attract clients who will happily pay you what you deserve.

Module #12:
Outsourcing Live Streaming Events

When things start to amp up for you, you’ll need to delegate some of your work to leverage your time. This module makes sure that when this time comes, that you are prepared (and not overloaded with work and on the verge of a meltdown.)

  • Outsourcing Pre-Production Services. (This is everything that goes into preparing for the live stream beforehand—and how to delegate it.)
  • Outsourcing Live Streaming Services. (This is everything that happens during the live stream—and how to delegate it.)

Module #13:
Six Figure Live Streamer Job Shadows

What could be more helpful to you than seeing real client live streams LIVE in action?

That’s why I’m taking you behind the scenes on 2 of my on-location shoots.

And I’m bringing you inside my studio, so you can see where all the live stream magic happens!

  • Come on the job with me!
  • See how a real client live stream comes together with your very own eyes.
  • Have an over-the-shoulder view in seeing how we handle every situation. (The good. The bad. The ugly.)

When You Enroll during This Special, Limited Time Period, You’ll Get:

13 Implementation Modules

showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to know from start to finish to deliver world-class live streaming services to fun-to-work-with clients who pay you what you’re worth.

A Complete Step-by-Step Client-Getting System

that takes out all the guesswork for finding clients by knowing exactly how to attract prospects looking to pay top dollar for live streaming services. (I’m sharing with you my 5 best marketing methods.) AND you’ll also know how to turn conversations with these prospects into new client contracts. (No sleazy sales strategies included.)

Build a Full Live Streaming Kit for Under $1,000

that delivers pro quality from affordable gear. (Plus a full demonstration on how to use it so your clients know you are a total rock star live streamer and they’ve hired the BEST!)

See How I Negotiate My Deals!

so you can learn from me how to do it with real-life examples. Everything from pricing your services, to presenting the deal… I’ve been there, done that! And I’ve got you covered.

You Will Actually Take the Steps to Get Your First Live Streaming Client the Six Figure Live Streamer Way

so you can experience the pure THRILL of landing your first live streaming deal. And see firsthand that you are well on your way to hitting your first ever $10,000 month (or MORE!). Which will then roll into you achieving your first six-figure year.

The entire curriculum is broken down into short, easy-to-watch videos so you can master the current lesson, and then move on to the next one—without being overwhelmed with new information.

We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus, while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most course takers from actually completing their program.

Plus, These MAJOR Bonuses to Help You Get Unstuck in a Matter of Just Minutes as You Become a 6-Figure Live Streamer

Join Our Private Facebook Support Community and Ask Your Questions Anytime!

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions about the course curriculum inside of this group. It’s there to help you with quick question answering in case you get stuck.

Nothing is out of the question. Whether it’s about what to charge, advice on tech equipment, or where to find a camera assistant for a big stream, I’ve got your back.

I’m personally very active in our group. (It really lights me up knowing I get to help you guys and gals win with live streaming!) And you will also find that many of our more experienced students will chime in to help out as well.

So you can feel totally confident signing up for Six Figure Live Streamer knowing that I and our entire community have your back! This diversity of different perspectives will give you all the answers you need to get to where you want to go… and together as a tribe we will THRIVE.

The Six Figure Live Streamer 90-Day Marketing Plan

I’m literally giving you my personal plan of what exact actions to take EVERY DAY for your first 90 days, to find high-paying live streaming clients. No guesswork…

No staying up at night worrying how this is all going to work out…

Just a simple, step-by-step, actionable plan that WORKS.

(And it’s all yours!)


This is to make sure that the moment you step into being a six figure live streamer, you’ll see the next 90 days clear ahead. No worrying or staying up all night wondering if this will work out.

You’ll get a full overview of the plan from start to finish… And then a demonstration of what daily marketing actions to take so you make some major momentum.

Discounts! Discounts! and MORE Discounts!

As a student in Six Figure Live Streamer, you will receive 60% OFF Adobe Creative Cloud. That’s $360 in yearly savings! (Almost the price of this course, absolutely paid for!)

The Six Figure Live Streamer Pricing Calculator

Knowing what to charge for your live stream services can feel overwhelming—especially when you are just getting started.

And feeling confident about your price when selling your services to a potential client can be the make or break of closing a very lucrative deal.

Enroll In Six Figure Live Streamer Today!

Plus, You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee

There’s no question here...

Six Figure Live Streamer is the most comprehensive course for learning the world’s best live streaming methods and landing fun-to-work-with live stream clients who pay you large checks for what you’re worth.

By the end of 7 days you will have plenty of time to realize this course is packed with the value and training you need to become a successful 6-figure live streamer.

But if for whatever reason you don’t feel like this program is for you after you have had the time to get started with it over the first 7 days, simply reach out to us and we will refund your investment.

Meaning you can confidently sign up today knowing that you are fully protected by our money-back guarantee if for some crazy reason you don’t love the course.

Enroll In Six Figure Live Streamer Today!

How Six Figure Live Streamer MORE Than Pays for Itself…

(The Cut-to-the-Chase Reason That This Course Is a Smart Investment for Your Career…)

One thing I know is that 80% of the time when someone doesn’t choose to buy this course, it’s because of price. And it was important to me to make sure that joining this course would be an EASY YES! for anyone who wanted to take it. I’m BEYOND proud to say that I feel like I achieved that goal!

Six Figure Live Streamer is priced at just $497.

I chose this price because I wanted to confidently know—without a shadow of a doubt—that when you use what you discover in Six Figure Live Streamer and start landing high-quality and high-paying gigs—the first client you enroll will MORE than pay for the cost of this course. That means you’ll EASILY make back your ROI… fast!

All you need to do is enroll one client for AT LEAST $497.

And considering you’ve heard some of the stories of our students selling live streaming services anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000!!!... I think it’s safe to say we both know this entire course will pay for itself. Making Six Figure Live Streamer one of the SMARTEST INVESTMENTS you can make for your career right now, today!

Now, every time you enroll a new client using the new skill set you gain from this program—in the weeks, months, and years to come—you’ll look back on the $497 investment you made in this program and know with certainty and confidence that it was 100% WORTH IT! (Yes!!)

Enroll In Six Figure Live Streamer Today!

What’s the Word…

What Are People Saying about Zephan and Six Figure Live Streamer

Burning Q’s Other Students Asked before Grabbing Their Access

You Should Give Six Figure Live Streamer a 7-Day Risk-Free Shot If You’re Motivated by Any of the Following:

You are a total whiz at all the “techy stuff” but the whole client acquisition thing seems terrifying to you! And you have no idea how it could be possible for someone to hand over large amounts of money for your services.


Too many videographers/filmmakers I meet are maxed out, working highly demanding gigs, with clients who don’t appreciate their work—for practically pennies.

Yet often they have a creative gift that absolutely lights them up, and they know they can go far using their video skills as a career; they just don’t know how to start attracting the right high-paying deals.

Listen, I get it. I’ve been there. Here’s what I want you to know…

Six Figure Live Streamer is the solution to this problem. Think about it this way… What is it costing you right now to waste your time with low-end, high-demanding clients?


If you want to be charging $200 an hour… But right now you’re getting paid more like $20... And you’re working 8-,9-,10-, even 12-hour days…Then continuing to do those jobs is costing you up to $2,160 for every gig you take!

Here’s what I know to be true… JUST 1 small tweak to the way you run your videography business—can make a world of difference… helping you get A LOT MORE high-paying clients. And then A LOT more repeat business and referrals after that.

All you need to do is go through the program, follow the client-attracting steps that I figured out for you with LOTS of trial and error, and you’ll be well on your way.

No guesswork!

Six Figure Live Streamer will radically change your life as you know it. (And I feel confident saying that, because it’s dramatically changed my life too!)

- OR -

You already have a handful of live stream clients but know if you improved how you deliver your services you could greatly increase your income—because it would be crazy for these clients to not hire you again… as well as happily refer you to even MORE new clients.

Imagine if every client you signed up led to more repeat work AND referrals. (I mean, at that point you wouldn’t need to do any new marketing or selling, would you?) That’s what happens when you are the gatekeeper of a very high in-demand skill that is incredibly valuable in the marketplace…

Live Streaming!

And if you already have some experience with this already, I know that by the time you complete Six Figure Live Streamer, your skills will be even more developed. (In fact, you’ll be a total PRO!) All you need to do is go through the program, get the affordable equipment I recommend, watch my tutorials so you know how to use it, and you’ll be well on your way.

I’ve removed all the guesswork so you know exactly how you can create a high-budget experience for your clients that make them feel like they got way more than they paid for. (And you’ll feel great about the experience you are providing, too!)

- OR -

Maybe you are pretty new to all of this. Maybe have a few camera skills in the back pocket. And don’t feel like you’re exactly a pro just yet… But you know deep down inside of you that if someone were to show you the way that you could really do something big with your passion and change your life forever…

Even if you are a total beginner, Six Figure Live Streamer is for you too!

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